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Celeb Interview with Klaus

31st October 2023

Hey SKY girls! Naitwa Jeremiah Muiruri, lakini most of you know me as @Just.call.me.klaus. Dancing ni my thing while smoking and drinking ain’t my thing

1. Niaje Klaus! We are so excited kubonga na wewe. How are you?

Me niko fiti. I’m doing good. Kuhustle tu.

2. So, who is Klaus and what inspires you in life?

What inspires me daily ni the thought of how many young kids out there have dreams but are afraid to speak them out or chase them cause of being judged for wanting to follow their passions or dreams. I wanna be an example who risked a lot and chased his dream and made it. 

3. Ulijua lini dancing is your thing? Alafu what is not your thing? 

Dancing imekuwa my thing since I was in primary school but nmeichukua serious in high school and more in university. Smoking and drinking is not my thing. Funny thing, sijawai onja pombe maishani. Smoking is something sijai kuwa a fan of personally juu ya the smell na yellowing of the teeth.

4. Hii issue ni about the choices we make hu affect the life we live, so have you ever made a negative choice na ulilearn lessons gani from that? 

Yes I have. There was a time in my life where sikuwa that smart with the selection of my friends. Me hukuwa na roho soft so kukataa watu hukuwa ngumu sometimes. So having friends who couldn’t believe in my dreams or support them partly made me dull in pursuing my dream. So niliend up kuwaste quite some time not doing what I wanted to do.

5. What positive choices have you made kwa life yako and how have they changed your life for the better?

A positive decision I made and not ever regretted was honestly choosing to believe in myself and pursuing my dreams and that is working out well for me. Also choosing friends who believe in me and what I do every single day, makes this journey of mine ikue tu fiti kabisaa

6. Any advice unaweza patia upcoming content creator who is almost giving up?

Push, push, push. Every single day, push. Hardwork and commitment always pays. Before I got my first video of a million views I was at my lowest points ever, no views, no likes, no progress at all. Nilikuwa nafeel depressed cause I was putting so much effort into it and nothing was working. But sikuacha, and soon enough my time for that next step came and I am where I am now.

7. Lastly, what advice unaeza patia SKY girls when it comes to making positive choices?

Naeza waambia tu that at the end of the day everyone has a sense inside them that knows kenye unataka na hii ndio inakuhelp kustay true to yourself. Try your best to make choices that are true to you and will help you grow. Usiache decision making yako ikue on the hands of someone else.