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SKY Guy: I Choose to be Confident In Who I am

31st October 2023

Hi peeps! I hope mko freshi baridi. Naitwa KK, I’m a HIV-positive youth advocate trying to create a positive impact kwa society. Bike riding na hanging out with my peers are my thing alafu smoking na bad vibes sio my things at all.

I mentioned that I am HIV+ and yes, that is true, sooo how do I stay confident? Hii ni swali that keeps coming up kila time I tell people my status. I was born positive na back then hakukuwa na improved treatment za HIV/AIDS like we have today. Btw, mko aware that a positive mother can give birth to a negative child? Ama that a positive partner can get married to a negative partner and not transmit the HIV virus? If you did not know, now you know. 

Before ni accept status yangu na kuwa confident kuongea about it in public, nilikuwa nimepitia denial mob. Ilifika point nikarealise wasee wananeed sensitization, to be educated on HIV and how they can contribute towards a positive life for those living with HIV. So niliamua wacha nikuwe hio voice. Speaking up ilinisaidia kubuild confidence yangu juu nilibecome a voice for those living with HIV na inspiration kwao. Pia in my personal life, nilijua I have the responsibility of keeping my loved ones safe so that I don’t transmit the disease, so niko consistent na medication yangu, na pia nilichoose kudelay having sex till the right time with the right partner.

Confidence ni kitu noma sana, yaani it can take you places and help you meet people you would never imagine. BTW, unaweza imagine I was a stammerer? Ilikuwa inachukua time for me to pronounce words, but now nimepatiana talks, nimefanya media appearances and hizo vitu zimeniweka kwa National Map. The secret to confidence ni kitu simple, kujijua na kujiamini. If you know kenye unataka unaweza make the life you want possible.