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Things I Wish My 15 Year Old Self Knew: Victoria Wendo

31st October 2023

TikTok Dancer, Content Creator and Sky Big Sis, Victoria Wendo is an inspiration and epitome of entertainment. Path yake imekuwa na lots of experiences and lessons. We wanted to get a few secrets of growth so we asked her to give advice to her 15 year old self and this is what she said.

1. On creativity: 

Vicky, you're really creative, it's that you don't know it yet. Don't be afraid to air out your thoughts. Keep working on your ideas, you'll be great!

2. On school:

I understand switching schools from private to public was a new thing but I'm happy you adapted so quickly 🎉 Also congrats on joining a new extracurricular activity - hockey. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, all you have to do is balance it with your books. 

3. On friends: 

Stick with the friends who understand you and allow you to be yourself, don't mind if it's even one friend. If at any point you feel some decisions are not right feel free to speak up about it and tell them it isn’t your thing.  

4. On fashion:

Looking good is something you love, never shun it, it's in you... As you're still learning about fashion, be open to the evolving times.

5. On failure: 

I can still remember the day you were not pleased by your results. You cried the whole day during parents' day and dad said you were too hard on yourself. Now I realise that it's okay to fail cause that's how you'll learn to rise up again. 

6. On boys:

I love the relationship you've had with your male peers. It's dope, keep it friendship till uko ready for a more advanced relationship. Don't be pressured into any relationship that you’re not ready for. At the same time, boys are human like you. You don’t need to be afraid of them.

7. On peer pressure:

Peer pressure is simply being forced to do something that doesn’t feel right for you. Stay true to you in the face of pressure. You can be cool with your friends without doing the same things. Just filter out what you'll follow and what you won't

8. On the future:

Your future is so bright,  don't be afraid to walk into every new season in life with confidence coz you can do it 💯

9. On doing what you love:

Wendo, you have loved dancing since you were a child, in your new season, don't be afraid to showcase it, it's like your superpower.