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Editors Note

31st October 2023

Hey SKY fam, We are back again with another banger edition of the SKY magazine! We are so excited to have you as part of the sistahood and we got nothing but so much love for all of you. 

So here's what you should expect kwa hii issue: 

  • This mag is all about choices zako=life yako. We get stories and tips of how to make choices that are true to us and some of the consequences that we can get from those choices. 
  • Drum rolls please!! Kwa Celebrity Corner, we get our first-time exclusive interview with the one and only, Dancer and Tiktoker @just.call.me.kalus. Hii nayo mtafurahiaaaa…
  • Kwa SKY Advice we get stories from SKY babes of a time when they made a bad choice, lessons walilearn and how they are STAYING TRUE TO THEMSELVES.
  • Pale SKY corner, more SKY girls wanatupa story of the time walihave kumake choice that helped them STAY TRUE TO THEMSELVES! 

Of course lazima niwaplug na the best hangout spot for teen girls na hio place ni SKY hub; you get to chill with your squad, meet the dopest celebs, kuna dance classes na hata we host birthday parties EVERY month for SKY babes. Form za school holidays huko ni mooob! Na bytha ENTRY ni FREE. 

Prepare yourself for an amazing time reading this edition, let’s gooooo!!! 

Claris Khalayi,