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SKY Stories: Let's Talk Periods

31st October 2023

Niaje SKY girls tumekuwa tukibonga about periods and how they affect all of us kama girls so to know your period better, here are answers to 10 common period questions.

  • Menstrual cycle ni nini exactly? Average menstrual cycle is around 28 days but inaeza vary for each person. Menstruation cycle inahappen from the time you start your period to the time the egg is released and when it is not fertilised you get your next period.
  • Period Length: Periods huwa zina last about 2 to 7 days depending on the person.
  • Are all cycles regular? Periods can sometimes be irregular, especially during the first few years after starting menstruation and hio ni totally normal.
  • Importance ya kutrack menstrual cycle ni? Itakuhelp ku understand your body better na kumanage any irregularities. Unaweza track cycle yako using period tracker apps kama the Oky Kenya app.
  • PMS: Watu wengine huexperience premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms kama cramps, nausea, tiredness before waanze periods zao.
  • What can help with cramps? Exercise ama walking can help na  pia huimprove your  mood.
  • How often should I change my pads? Ni important ku change pad regularly  every 2 - 6 hours or ikijaa na damu to maintain hygiene  
  • What's the deal with cramps and mood swings? Bytha hizo ni common symptoms during periods. You’re not alone sis.
  • Hormones hutuaffect aje? The hormones during your period can slightly change your voice and how you smell. Hizi hormones ni estrogen na progesterone and they affect your mood, skin texture, voice and cause pain and headaches
  • Can I get pregnant when on my period? Yup,It's possible to get pregnant if you have unprotected sex during your period. This is because sperm can survive in the body for several days, and the timing of ovulation can vary. 


Kumbuka periods are normal and every girl goes through them, with their own symptoms and experiences. Download the Oky Kenya app here and get to know more about your period and how to track it. It is free to download and you don’t need data to use it! Tushow pale IG @SKYGIRLSKE what other period facts you know!