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SKY Advice: Lessons Learnt From Negative Choices

31st October 2023

Hey babes! Welcome to SKY advice. In this edition, we get stories from SKY girls of a time when they made a choice yenye haikuwa true to them, the lesson they learnt from it and how they stay true to themselves now.



18 years old

Lives in Chokaa. 

Nikiwa high school my friends used to steal bread, nilikua curious and told them next time waniite. So the next weekend as planned form iliivana na wakaniita, nikaiba loaves zangu nne and rushed to the dorm. 

Kidogo mara naskia some girls have been caught stealing bread, heh sema shock Hizo incidences za mkate kuibiwa zikakua regular na some cooks were fired, kesi ikakua kubwa na nikasemwa pia mimi niliiba. Niliaibika that watu walifutwa job kwa mistake yetu na pia nikapewa suspension. From that day I learnt from my mistake not to be swayed by what others are doing. 

Make smart choices and stay true to yourself. 


Princeline, 15 yrs

Currently a Form 2 student

I once had a close friend who always had money, kama Wawira on PAA and since I wanted to be like her I asked her to show me her ways,She said it’s “wababaz” na ataniconnect. She arranged for a meet up so tukaenda…hapa ndio vitu ziliniramba! When we got to that meet up spot, aunt yangu alikuwa hapo and when she saw us alishtuka kwanza then got angry with us. To teach us a lesson, aliambia my parents who punished me kabisa. Kutoka hio experience nililearn kufocus on myself.

BTW it’s better kuaccept who you are in life and the lifestyle you live. Hakuna haja ya kuchase other people’s lives.



19 years old
Student at Utalii pursuing hospitality 

Kuna time nili engage in a relationship nikiwa highschool. Teachers wetu walikua wanatusho how messy this can be but me niliamua kumix masomo na love thinking I can balance it well. The relationship lasted for a while until I realized that I was making a mistake juu alikuwa toxic,  juu ya manipulation na control. Nilimake sacrifices only to find out they are not worth it in the end.  I finally chose myself over the toxic relationship and I left. 

Say no to toxic relationships, don’t ignore the red flags sis


Asante sana girls for sharing lessons mlilearn when you made a choice that wasn’t good for you,for showing us  how to recognize negative pressure kutoka mabeshte and that our choices ziko na consequences.