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SKY Sesh With Anita Nderu

31st October 2023

My name is Anita Nderu, I am 33 years young. I am a TV/Radio presenter, a digital content creator, a voice over artist, event MC and most recently a mother to an adorable girl called Kaya.

  • My thing is positive, loving, lighthearted and peaceful energy. I love girls standing up for each other regardless of where they are from.I love girls genuinely clapping for each other and giving each other flowers. You always feel safest with your squad to truly be yourself and gain the confidence to shine to the rest of the world.
  • I say no to people who achieve success and then decide to let their friends struggle because they think no one should have it easy. Be each other's keeper, there doesn’t have to be just ONE queen, we can all wear crowns.

Now, there was this one time one of my friends was making decisions that did not benefit her at all when it came to her work and relationship choices which were a bit toxic and going through frequent transitions. Before talking to her, I thought about it because I felt like maybe it wasn’t my place to speak about it… but because I couldn’t live with myself watching her choose the wrong thing, I decided to just speak to her about it…

I hoped the rest of our squad would back me up. Wapi? I was left alone to look like the bad person when everyone else decided it was not their problem to solve the issue. Eventually, I left the friendship group.

In my opinion, it is important to genuinely build a sisterhood - not friendship for the gram or for saying so and so is your friend. It's about actually being a friend. It’s about quality not quantity, show up and show out for your sisters and y’all will grow together.


Wah! Enyewe making choices that are true to you isn’t always easy, but in the end it’s definitely worth it. Thanks Anita for sharing your story with us… Sky babes, jump to page 13 to read other SKY stories from girls like Anita who chose to make the best choice for themselves!