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15th February 2021

What’s up SKY sis!


We are back for issue 2 and heh! The excitement? Whoop! Whoop!


This time, we are diving into a topic we love-love-love talking about: SISTAHOOD!


As SKY girls, our goal is to always be true to ourselves. Lakini kusema ukweli, it’s not always easy. But do you know one thing that really helps us stay on point and find our SKY? You guessed it; being a part of the SKY sistahood.


Having your SKY sistaz by your side, to love and support you through the journey of figuring out what’s your thing and what’s not your thing really goes a long way, coz you know you are not alone in it. So, in this issue we are gonna discover how to build a faya SKY squad with your friends that is all about staying true, bila unnecessary beef or drama!


We spoke with our fellow SKY girls about what sistahood means to them, the tu-issues that sometimes come up, and how best to strengthen your bond with your SKY sistaz and as usual, y’all didn’t disappoint.


We scoured the mitandao and found amazing SKY girls to be our cover girls. (BTW ebu make sure you have followed us on @SKYGIRLSKE so that you never miss out!) They talked to us about the magic of friendship, how their friendships and sistahoods have helped them stay true to who they are. It was really enlightening! They also showed out with style in the fashion round-up as we learned more about what they do to keep their squads SKYin’.


We also shared tips on living your best #SQUADLIFE with a range of bomb articles on how to squash drama in your squad, what your role is in the sistahood and creative ideas on celebrating Valentines as GALENTINES with your squad!


And of course, all your favourite features such as, school hacks, SKY shout outs, True tips, and reviews are in the issue for you and your girls to enjoy.

We think you are gonna really love this issue. Make sure you read it with your girls and let us know what you think! As usual, you can reach us on the socials via facebook or IG on @SKYGIRLSKE. 


If you have any comments or suggestions, don’t be shy…we are always here to listen. After all, its #SKYSISTAZ4EVER!


Yours in Sistahood,