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12th February 2021

Shout out to all our SKY fashionistas! We know that different squads love different looks, so we put together some faya styles that you and your crew can check out!

Active Girls

Active girls are team #Athleisure which is another word for trendy sportswear. Active girls are all about comfort that looks good.  You’ll pata them rocking the flyest sneakers, leggings, tank tops, sports bras, outerwear, polo shirts and yoga pants.


If you are looking for a smol-smol goth vibe that won’t scare your parents, the e-girl look is just the vibe. You and the squad can look cute in graphic tees, loose layered clothing, tennis skirts in dark colors, combat boots, crop tops and mom jeans combined with bright hair.

Girly girls

Imagine there’s nothing wrong with showing your feminine side, babe! Girly girls love to dress up and show out. You will be looking gorg in skirts, dresses, and blouses with cute details like bows or ruffles and lace.

Grunge girls

Are you and the squad into rock? Try the grunge look. This is a style that originated in the 80s (as part of grunge music) and it’s all about layering and oversized clothes. The staples include leather jackets,  flannel shirts, ripped denim, crop tops, cool slogan t-shirts, combat boots, fishnet stockings, beanies and slouchy sweaters.