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GENG-GENG! : Celebrating the magic of sistahood!

12th February 2021

We gathered some fabulous SKY sisters and asked them a ka-simple question: What does sistahood mean to you? Here’s what they said

Never being lonely and having lots of fun together. For example I LOVE playing pranks on my girls. LOL!


Having sisters to support and rely on...4 life! #SKYSistaz4Ever


Having a crew to spend quality time with and help each other cause wah, life is crazy sometimes!

Ok, for me, sistahood is about being there for one another through the good and the bad.

To me sistahood is understanding each other...more so, understanding your friends individually.

So what does sistahood mean to you? Talk about it with your SKY squad and tell us what you guys think on our IG page @SKYGirlsKE! You can also find our cool filters on our IG page. Simply open our page and click on the filter icon (it’s the one next to the IGTV icon just above the feed). Once you are there you can either pick the MySKY filter or the SKYGirlDiary filter...If both are your thing, you can enjoy both of them too, hakuna shida! LOL.

Be sure to tag us on your pics or videos when you use the filters. We love seeing your gorgeous faces and we’ll be sure to repost them on our page when you tag us!