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SKY SISTAZ 4EVER! - Creating that dope SKY sistahood with our friends

12th February 2021

In the words of Mwalimu King’ang’i, let me tell you something, Maina— There are few things in the world that are as BOMB as seeing a solid sistahood of girls. 


As SKY girls, we are team #BLACKGIRLMAGIC and are all about supporting and encouraging our fellow SKY sistaz, cause tunajua that on the journey to being true to ourselves, we’re going to need good friends. And even if we could do it on our own, why would you want to? Finding our SKY with the squad is hella fun!

Skiza, we know that sometimes, girl friendships are complicated and it might seem easier to keep to yourself, but imagine it doesn’t have to be that way. None of us has to stragoo alone. Healthy friendships with fellow SKY girls are possible, and they are totally worth giving a shot!

So, we collected some great pieces of advice from fellow SKY girls on building a strong SKY community to live our best lives!

If you want to have a #true friend, be a #true friend

Just like you are true to yourself, you have to be true to your girls. How, you ask? Be there and listen. Saidiana in times of need too. You can show love by helping your SKY sis her with chores or school work, getting her her favourite icecream or giving her a big hug when she needs it.

Be REAL and open

No lie, this one can be tricky, especially if you have been hurt before. But real sistahood can only exist when you are willing to take the risk and let a friend in. Open up and speak your truth to your SKY sis.

Be happy for your SKY sis

Congratulate your girls and let them know you think they are doing great! We know this might be hard for some who are really competitive but try your best to remember that your only competition in life is yourself. There is room enough for all of us to win. So be a cheerleader for the girls in your SKY squad!

Listen to what your sis has to say

We learn when we listen, so skiza your SKY sistaz. Listen to their stories, experiences and opinions. Sometimes you will find that your thing is not the same as their thing. If this is the case, don’t feel pressure to change your thing. Just give your opinion with respect. There’s room for everyone to be true to themselves in a strong sistahood.

Stand up for your sis!

If you see your SKY sis in trouble and being treated unfairly, don’t stay silent. Show up and speak up for them. Have each other’s backs!

Let go of past grudges

 Imagine, we’re humans, so kukosana will happen. Our advice is that when they do, have a talk, forgive and then LET. IT. GO. 

Why be frenemies when you could be friends? Drama will only bring toxic vibes to the sistahood. Which brings us to our next point…

Don’t spread gossip

Gossip is super-toxic, babe. Hata kama you have proof that something is true, if you know it will put your sis in a difficult position keep it for yourself. You will be sparing your girl pain.

Always bring positivity and good energy.

As usual, SKY is team #GOODVIBESONLY. When it comes to the squad, laugh, express your joy and spread that good energy to your SKY sisters.