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SKY GUY Interview questions

12th February 2021

Which high school were you in? And what was your thing and not your thing back then?

I cleared from Chuka High school and while it was not easy, I enjoyed my high school experience cause it really showed me what my passions and talents were. It is there that I found out that entertainment is definitely my thing cause I was always part of the crew that was organizing school funkies. Weirdly, Sports is not my thing…lol.

What was the biggest pressure you had to deal with as a teenager?

Bullying. Wah…it was rough. Especially when I was younger. But I gained confidence with time and learned how to stand up for myself.

What is the one thing you would tell your teenage self if you had a chance?

I would tell the young man that kila kitu happens for a reason so he shouldn’t stress. Also that he should always trust his gut and be true to himself.

Have you always wanted to work in media? What drew you to it?

Oh yes, ever since I was a kid! To be honest I always wanted to be famous. After my first internship with KBC, I knew I had found my calling.

What does being true to yourself means to you?

Understanding who I am and trusting that I will always make the choices best for me.

What’s your thing now?

Showing love and kindness to the people around me. Life can get really hard, so it is important to be kind cause you never know what people are going through.

What’s not your thing?

Anything negative that interferes with my energy and my dreams. I only want good vibes around me and so I am protective of my space.

What advice do you have for our SKY girls?

Be comfortable in your own skin and don’t ever limit yourself. Trust the process and knowing who you are will get you very far!


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