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SKY Girl Diaries

12th February 2021

Hey SKY Girls!!!!!

OMG I’m super excited for this. I’m so honored to be featured in a magazine to share my day with y'all. I mean waaah! It's a big deal for me. Anyway, my name is Ythera Ivy, I’m 17 years old and a student at Kenyatta University.


Currently, I’m in school so I'll share with y'all how I spend my school days.

Wake up

I normally wake up at 5:20am on most of the days because I’m really slow when it comes to preparing, lol.

Makeup is always part of my preparation and that will tell you why I use a lot of time in the morning. I do a simple make-up routine every morning. I learned how to do my makeup through my fav makeup artist 'rosina sharon’ who you should totally check her out. Usiachwe nyuma!


At around 6:50, it’s time for breakfast. I mostly make my own tea and take it with 3 mandazis. Easy-peasy! I then head out to my first class of the day!


At noon it's usually time for lunch of course. In school we have a 'mess', which is kinda like a cafeteria, so I go there and order some food.

Food in our school is suuuuper cheap. I can use only 12bob for lunch. Imagine!


If I have an afternoon class, I try to get back in time, but most times, I am free so I head back to my room to do any assignments or listen to my fave radio station 'nrg radio'. I really love that radio station tbh!

Free time

My afternoons are also the time I get to do my thing...That is singing. I make cover songs and post them on my IG and YouTube. 

Btw y'all should check them out @_ythera_ivy. Mtapenda haha!

I also like listening to singers Xenia Manasseh and Billie Eilish. they are so talented and I look up to them. Kwanza Xenia. She's an angel. Let's support our own, girls!


For the rest of my day I meet up with my friends to chill and catch up. So yeah, that's how i spend most of my days. I hope y'all enjoyed.