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The SKY Squad Code

12th February 2021

Surrounding ourselves with honest and loyal gal pals is super helpful on our journey to finding our SKY. Lakini how do we keep the SKY squads at πŸ’―

We talked to SKY girls from all over and they were kind enough to share their SKY squad code —which is basically what works and what to avoid as we build our SKY sistahoods!

Squad YESπŸ‘: Supporting our friends’ when they are doing their thing.
Squad NO πŸ‘Ž: Jaribu-ing to outshine our friends.

Instead: SKY Squads cheer each other on or explore hobbies together.

Squad YESπŸ‘: Encouraging each other to always be true to ourselves
Squad NO πŸ‘Ž: Pressuring each other to do things we know we are good without.

Instead: SKY squads empower each of us to be our best selves.

Squad YESπŸ‘:  Confiding and trusting in each other
Squad NO πŸ‘Ž: Blabbing our friends’ problems to all our other friends.

Instead: SKY squads are all about trust. Lakini if it is a serious issue that we are not able to deal with, we get our friends the help they need from our folks or teachers.

Squad YESπŸ‘: Comforting our friends when they go through a bad breakup/relationship.
Squad NO πŸ‘Ž: Dating or becoming friends with the people who hurt our friends.

Instead: Sisi SKY girls, we stay loyal to the squad. No backstabbing here sis!

Squad YESπŸ‘: Speaking to our friends when we have a problem with them
Squad NO πŸ‘Ž: Bashing our friends to other people

Instead: In our SKY squads, we find a way to sema how we feel with respect when we kosana. Tunaweza sort issues with some good communication, babe.

With these in mind, we are able to keep the squad SKYin’!

What’s your SKY squad’s code? Share with us on our IG page @SKYGIRLSKE