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SKY Girl diaries: Rehema

7th June 2021

Hey SKY girls😃 I am really excited to be in this issue cause napenda SKY mag sana. I am also really happy to share my day with you♥️ Let’s jump right in to it💃🏾

Because it’s Ramadhan, I wake up very early in the morning....around 4.30AM and break my fast😊 and then I pray. After eating and praying, I go back to sleep at around 5.45.

I wake up again at kitu 9.30 and do some chores up til 10-ish and then take a shower. After that I usually anza my studies. Kawaida I start with revision halafu I make some short notes to help me remember. It really works! 😃

After studying I do my prayer♥️ and then I go spend time with my friends. Hanging out with my friends is my thing cause we have so much fun 🥳 We really like taking pics and siku hizi we are getting good at making funny Tik Toks💃🏾 Kuji-express and making memories  with my gals is amazing. I mean life is short😂😂😂

After that they zindi me back home😊 and I usually clean up, pray and recite the Quran... Then I take a small nap coz usingizi ni muhimu 😂😂

At around 5.30pm I get up to go help in the kitchen. We start preparing what we will break our fast with🤤 I love cooking, especially after ku-fast all day. Tunapikanga a lot of food and snacks...kina mahamri, kaimati, bajia and more! It’s the best!

We sit and eat as a family halafu we pray once more and I help clean up. After that I’m free and that’s when I take my phone and start chatting♥️

I usually sleep at around 11PM and that’s how my day ends💃🏾. Taraaa!  Thanks for reading!