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SKY Style: What’s your shoe personality?

7th June 2021

Sis! Unajua your shoe style can be a way of showing your personality cause your appearance is a creative way of expressing yourself? Shoes can walk the walk, but they can also do a lot of talking and show what your vibe is.

When it comes to what shoes to wear, kila mtu ako na a favourite style that they wear a lot coz that’s what they feel most comfortable and confident in. 

Here’s what your fave shoe style says about you!


Boots – Who runs the World?… You do!

Or you definitely about to!

You can be a social person, who pendas being with friends, going for events and travelling.

Unakuwanga very confident because you know who you are as a person and that is something that makes people around you feel safe and confident as well!


Platforms – Sawa Miss Creative!

You are that SKY sis who likes the excitement of ‘changing’ styles lakini platforms are definitely your faves! You have a creative spirit and you’re very independent. As a strong character, unajua vile ku-take initiative and you don’t hesitate to do things your own way! 


Ballet Flats – The best version of you!

For you, comfort ni just as important as style! You wanna look cute but lazima you stay productive pia! You are team #focused on whatever it is you are doing so you usually do things really well. Pia unapenda ballet flats in every possible color, fabric and pattern. 


Trainers – Going for gold!

Wewe huwa m-active and constantly on the move, so you may have more than one favourite pair of sneakers. You are a person who loves your footwear to be trendy and comfy to show your style but also keep you moving. You are very kind and open-minded, as you are willing to different ideas which makes you super easy to work with!