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The real deal: How to spot a SKY guy

7th June 2021

Tunajua there is so much boy advice out there, lakini there's one thing that's true: it can be hard to tell the difference between a guy who is genuinely nice, yaani a SKY guy, and one who is pretending so that apate what he wants.

A genuine SKY guy, however, doesn’t have to tell you he’s nice — he shows it. We talked to one of our fave SKY guys– The Dapper Brother about how to spot a SKY guy. So kama uko unsure, here are some things to look out for.

He's respectful.

If he’s truly a SKY guy he’ll respect you and other people. So kama ako rude ama he shouts at people, huyo si mtu legit. A SKY guy’s courtesy speaks volumes about who he really is.

Ukisema NO, anakuskiza.

Real SKY guys don’t try to trick you into saying yes. If you decline their offer, wana-accept your decision. He isn’t going to make you feel bad for being honest, and he’s not going to jaribu to change your mind. Genuine nice guys can take rejection without being rude. The Dapper Brother adds, “Communicate your feelings openly and honestly A SKY guy will respect your decision”

He's patient.

SKY guys are patient. Hataku-pressure into doing anything that is not your thing. He supports you being true to yourself.

He apologizes.

Just like all of us, SKY guys make mistakes, lakini he owns up to his mistakes and apologizes. Ha-blame others for his actions!

He thinks before he acts.

Like a SKY girl, SKY guys actually think things through. They don’t want to do things they are good without or hurt others by their actions, so they take the time to think about what they do. 

“A SKY guy knows the motives for his actions to prevent himself fumbling.” - The Dapper Brother -

He's kind to others and does things for strangers or those less fortunate.

Ni easy kuwa nice to people you know. To truly see if someone is a nice person, you have to see how they treat other people they don't know.

SKY guys wanakuanga respectful to the less fortunate, servers, and other staff members. Wako kind na hawana pride

He's forgiving.

SKY guys know that holding grudges doesn't benefit them or anyone else, so they forgive wakikosewa.

He encourages you to be true to yourself.

One of the reasons a SKY guy is able to be nice to others is because of his acceptance of people’s choices. “A SKY guy is comfortable with being himself and wants you to be yourself too!” The Dapper Brother adds. He doesn't try to change you, but instead, anaku-cheer on for sticking to your choices.

He's reliable.

SKY guys will not flake on you. Atakushow in advance kama he won’t be able to make plans. He knows it’s rude to have someone waiting for a long time and not show up