Take The Pledge Today


7th June 2021

Niaje SKY girls!

We just wanna send a huge shout-out to you guys cause your support for the sistahood has been MAJOR! So many of you have come on board  with the SKY movement, with more than 8000 of you pledging to be true to yourselves–Whoop! Whoop!

Part of being true ni kujua what your thing is and what you are good without in your life, so when you take the pledge, we usually ask you to tell us what’s your thing and what’s not your thing. It’s not about conforming to what other people think, but about knowing what is true to YOU, and supporting your fellow SKY sisters in their choices as well!

So we decided to take a poll to find what is SO SKY and what is SO NOT SKY and here is what the SKY movement had to say!



Although our sistahood iko made up of beautiful and unique individuals, we also have many things in common! The poll showed that a lot of us love music, fashion, singing and dancing. But you know what was number 1 in the poll? Drum rolls please…


That’s right, we love fashion! 

Na si just clothes, we are talking bags, makeup, accessories and hairstyles! We love to style it out!

As SKY girls, tunapenda kujiexpress and fashion is awesome for that. For us, fashion is an outward expression of our creativity! 

Tunapenda fashion because it allows us to change things up as we go, reflecting our growth as we move through life. For example, maybe last year, black platform combat boots were it, but today you’re more into pastels that show off your softer side. Whatever your vibe, you can express it through fashion.

Having the confidence to express ourselves through clothing is something many people build up over time though. Si ati ni automatic, so let’s give ourselves a chance ku-learn. Take joy in picking out your daily outfits, have fun shopping for new clothing, and soon you’ll start feeling comfortable in what you wear. 

Dressing in ways that make us feel good about ourselves has helped our confidence to grow, and we are all about that!



There will be so many times in our lives when we’ll be faced with things that we’re not comfortable with. Knowing what’s not your thing helps you make and stick to decisions that are good for you–so whatever the pressure, remember to be true to yourself. Tuliwauliza what was not your thing and here was the one you guys mentioned the most…



A lot of things were mentioned as SO NOT SKY when we asked, but the one that came up the most was smoking. That’s so awesome cause tuko all about saying no to things that don’t help us. And you had great reasons for turning down the cigarettes!

We all know that smoking is bad for our lungs and can even lead to cancer. But you guys shared other reasons you don’t think smoking is cool like the darkened lips, yellow teeth and that bad smell! Na mulijua shisha also has tobacco? So smoking shisha is also  really bad for your health and can even mess up things like your skin and your vocal chords!

Us SKY girls are all about living our best lives! For us, this means being healthy, looking good and feeling amazing! Smoking is not the vibe for us, plus ulijua that each time somebody smokes they cut down their lifespan by 11 minutes?! SIS! aht-aht, tumekataa hiyo! 

So mtu akiku-offer a cigarette, kumbuka that you are already living your best life and that’s not something that will make it better.