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7th June 2021

We know her as the make-up maven, fashion killa and overall faya🔥🔥🔥 content creator.

The KE Queen of content creation, Joy Kendi is our go-to for everything from fashion, beauty, and travel...and sis is on top of her game right now!

She chatted with us about how she figured out what her thing is (and what wasn’t), and how that helped her build her creative career from the ground up!


Congratulations on all your wins Joy! Tumekuwa fans for such a long time. You have been an actress, a screenwriter and now a bomb-ass content creator…when did you know content creation was your thing?

Aki dhenks!😊

You know, I always knew that I wanted to do this but I didn't know what it was called. Well...we called it blogging back in the day, but I knew that it was gonna be so much more than just a blog. I started off by sharing all my fashion tips, like where to get great clothes on a budget and how to style them. Halafu from there, it evolved to include beauty and lifestyle stuff. So yeah, content creation is definitely my thing!


...and what would you say is not your thing?

I really hate bullying. I have never understood why anyone would think that dimming other people's shine is gonna help them. I feel that it has also gotten worse because of the internet cause we are always on our phones and so it can be endless. Mean-spiritedness is most definitely not my thing.


Did your folks have any issues with you choosing content creation as a career? If so, ulifanya aje to get them to support you?

Thankfully, my Mum was pretty supportive when I started. She did have some ground rules for me though. Number one was that I had to get my bachelor’s degree. So I worked really hard and graduated on time. Another thing was that if I needed cash to support this dream, I had to figure it out myself. So if I needed money for a camera or make-up I worked and saved up. I couldn’t ask her for money. Seems tough, but it really taught me how to be self-reliant so I’m grateful.


Your style has evolved over the years. How would you describe it and what is the most important thing to you when you are putting a look together?

I honestly don’t know if there’s a term that can describe my style cause it varies with the vibe I’m feeling. So I can be super-feminine one day and in a power-suit the next...it really just depends. I like to play with different styles. The most important thing when putting a look together for me is COMFORT cause honestly if you don’t feel good in what you are wearing 'cause of discomfort, you are not gonna be confident and the look just won’t work!


We loooooove your super creative TikToks and wanna learn how to make awesome ones like you! Any tips for us? 

Thank you! The best place to learn about TikTok is on TikTok cause people are very creative and it will get your own creativity going as well. So watch the videos, save your faves and try to re-create them. And when you are trying to create focus on the outcome and then work backwards. 

Other than that, practise editing as much as possible.


Who are your influences in the content creation world and who do you look up to in both business and life?

There are so many women doing great work that I look up to, but my favourites are people who have grown over time and not limited themselves to one area. Like one of my faves is Karla Deras who was a fashion blogger but is now a designer. Another is Pat McGrath who was named the most influential make-up artist in the world, but now has a line of amazing make-up!


We consider you our SKY girl big sis cause you embody all the great qualities we want as SKY girls. How do you stay true to what you believe in?

For me, staying true is respecting and enjoying the season I am in always. Like, I don’t try to act older or different from wherever I am at. I allow myself time to naturally figure out what is good for me and what isn’t cause I’m not trying to be anyone other than me.


What’s one thing you would do differently as a teenager, given the opportunity?

I think I would definitely care more about my health and taking care of my body. I would avoid fad diets and quick fixes, and instead try to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into my life in a way that works best for me.


If all your dreams come true, what does the future look like for you? 

I would like to be financially secure. I’ve never wanted to be ridiculously rich but I want the freedom to pursue all my passions so I think financial security is the way. Other than that, I want genuine love...and I don’t mean that movie/ TV love...I want a love that is about really being there for each other and growing together.