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SKY GOALS: Career Aspirations

7th June 2021

Sisi SKY girls tunakuwanga very focused on getting to that dream future, and so it’s never too early to start thinking about your future career. 


The first step is to do some reflection. Jiulize, what is your thing? What type of career would suit you? What are your values? What interests you? What are your skills and also what is your personality?


Ukifikiria about these things it will help you start seeing which career path might be good for you in the future. Here are some career ideas shared by SKY girls that we loved.



Somehow, I find myself fascinated by outfit styles that people rock all the time. Napenda sana the way designers get creative when combining fabrics and colours to make beautiful clothes! I would love to make people of different shapes and sizes look gorgeous and feel confident in my designs when I’m older.

Sandra, 15.



Imagine people don’t like arguing with me, cause they know I’m really good at it. LOL! That’s why I think I can make a good lawyer. Reading is my thing and I try to read as widely as possible and that saidias me to know what I am talking about and explain my thoughts easily.

Even my folks say that I would make a good lawyer, so I’m definitely gonna explore that!

Neema. 17



For me, hakuna kitu inaniexcite like computers. They have changed our lives kabisa and made things so much easier. I wanna make awesome programs and apps that help people in their lives and maybe even can be used by companies and governments! Imagine being like Steve Jobs? 

Joy, 16



Tangu I was a kid I’ve been watching journalists go to different parts of the world to talk about different cultures. Nowadays naona bloggers doing the same thing and it looks so cool and interesting! Always wanted to try it out because the world is SO big and we have so much to explore. I’ve also been taking pics on my phone and I get so many likes on IG so I think I wanna learn more about photography and this will help me in my future career.

Bosi, 15



I want to be a teacher because of my favourite teacher, Ms. Ayira. She is so smart na pia ni m-kind sana. I feel like good teachers really make school easier for us and fun na mimi ningependa kuwa that kind of teacher when I’m done with school. 

Maybe I can even go further and become a Uni professor!

Tracy, 14