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SKY Socials: Scroll na Sisi

7th June 2021



If you haven’t followed us on our socials yet, imagine unajicheza bbz! 

The content is faya and the convos are top-notch! There are videos, stories, behind-the-scenes footage, competitions and SO MUCH MORE!

And now we are rewarding you for being part of the squad by giving SKY merch and airtime to 5 new followers EVERY FRIDAY! Ni really easy;

  1. Just search for @SKYGIRLSKE and follow any of our social media pages on IG, Facebook and TikTok
  2. Post a pic of yourself with the hashtag #FOLLOWFRIDAYS and tag us so that we see you!

The first 5 new followers get the goodies! So what are you waiting for? Join the conversation and let your voice be heard!