Take The Pledge Today


20th August 2021

Our long-awaited school holiday are here! Whoop! Whoop!

Na cause hatutaki kusikia story za  “ aki I’m bored”. We’ve put together a list of our favourite things to do to help beat the school holiday boredom and keep you and your SKY squad entertained😉.


Create a home cinema

Netflix and FUN it with the latest flick that you and your friends would love! Chagua a movie, make some yum popcorn at home to save on cash, dim the lights and enjoy! You can have a movie night every week at different friend’s houses (with your parent's permission of course)


Go swimming

Si kila saa kukaa indoors🤣. Look for a local sports club and go have a fun afternoon splashing about in the water. Most places don’t charge under 18-year-olds and if they do it’s quite affordable. But make sure you’ve researched beforehand to know that the pool is clean and there is a lifeguard at all times.


Do a jigsaw

A good jigsaw can keep everyone entertained for hours on end. Dust off your favourite jigsaw and see how quickly you can complete it as a team. If you don’t have a puzzle, check out stores like House of Leather and Miniso who have very affordable board games.


Go for a picnic

Eating with friends in nature is an evergreen mpango. Lol. Choose a park like Central Park or woods like Karura Forest and the arboretum, or perhaps somewhere that you have never been before, and go and explore. Take a picnic and find the perfect spot for when you all need a rest and chapa stories or play games.


Visit a museum

Museums may have a lot of old stuff in them, but they are super cool and a fun plan to spend an afternoon over the holidays with your friends. Students pay a very small amount to enter, na zote ziko tao so they are very easy to access. Check out Nairobi Gallery on Kenyatta Avenue and hear the super-weird story about how Nairobi became a city, ama The Archives downtown which have some cool and some scary art collections from all over Kenya and Africa. Museum hill has a great snake park too if that sounds like your thing. Have some fun whilst learning lots of interesting and fun facts👌.


Cook dinner for your parents

What if you and a few of your friends completely took over the kitchen for a night and cooked dinner for your folks🥘?

We think this would be a sweet way to say thanks to your folks and to bond with them and your friends!


Create a TikTok Challenge for you and your friends!

Boredom is the fuel for creativity. This could be your chance to come with a faya new TikTok dance for any of your favourite songs. All you have to do is pick a song, figure out the steps, praco and boom👯! You have what could possibly be the next viral sensation. And don’t forget to tag us @SKYGIRLSKE  and we’’ll be sure to stitch your video and learn your dance moves!