Take The Pledge Today


20th August 2021

Let’s be honest, tunafikanga a point in our lives when we can’t wait to grow up and do certain things.

“I can’t wait to grow up and get my own place” ama “I can’t wait to be a grown-up and buy whatever I want”.

Na pia kuna some of us who are not very sure we are ready for this adulthood thing, lakini the bottom line is no one wants to be treated like a kid.

But what tunalearn is that part of growing up and getting that “big girl” status ni kujua what your thing is and sticking to it.

Here are some tips to growing into your best self – whilst staying true to you, boo!


1. Set goals!


Tunafaa kujua that goals are always our guidelines to life. They keep us focused and on the right path. Set goals for the future and use those to inspire you in the present. Set goals that are only known to you, smash them and clap for yourself because not everyone will. Appreciate yourself!


2. Confidence is key


How many of us admire confident personalities around us?? Najua we all do. Now a great way of knowing you are growing is by developing a sense of confidence. Recognize the good things about yourself and shut out those negative thoughts and comments from people who don’t recognize your worth. Also, smile more often because and no one should tell you otherwise.


3. Find a role model


Remember that role model you look up to? Maybe a model on tv, a certain news anchor, an actress maybe, a public figure, visualize yourself achieving like they have and learn the ways they stayed true to themselves and fikad where they currently are.

Kumbuka, you are never a finished product and you can always keep growing into a bigger and better version of yourself. Jiaminie sis.


4. Seek supportive friends


Friends are supposed to lift our spirits and support our decisions in life, ama aje?? Surround yourself with appreciation and love, they make you glow different boo. Na once you start feeling good about yourself, you’ll make the people around you feel good about themselves too cause utakuwa na positive vibes.


5. Be assertive


Sisi wote tuataka kudepend on ourselves, don’t we? Don’t let anyone speak for you, and don’t rely on others to fight for you. Live by your principles and what is right according to you. Say no when you need to and remember, the choices we make go a long way in determining the quality of our futures. That’s why we say no to the things that don’t work for us like smoking, gossiping and messy stuff like that and say yes to the things that we know will make our lives popping!



So kumbuka to keep doing you babes. Be your own kind of awesome and stay true to the choices you have made. That’s what being grown is all about.