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20th August 2021

Name: Maria

Age: Turning 16 years old


I choose...Music because it helps me express myself


Name: Kaylyn

Age: 17 years old


I choose...Keeping fit because it's good for my body


Name: Kimberley

Age: 17 years old


I choose...Art because it is fun and relaxing

Name: Carolyn

Age: 18 years old


I choose...Travelling because I love to explore and learn new things about nature


Name: Renae 

Age: 16 years old


I choose...Makeup because it enhances my appearance and motivates me to be more creative


Name: Hope Allyson 

Age: 14 years old


I choose...Drawing because it helps me discover, reflect on, and express myself

Name: Bianca

Age: 15 years old


I choose...Not to drink alcohol or smoke because it’s not my vibe and it’s not healthy