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WHAT I WISH I KNEW AT 15 Featuring Natalie Githinji

20th August 2021

Natalie Githinji is an actress, content creator and commercial model! Whew! Sema achievement. But before all these great things she was a 15-year-old girl in form one, trying to figure out who she was and dealing with endometriosis. We wanted to get some gems from her so we asked her what she would tell her 15-year-old self and this is what she said:


On Creativity

My darling younger self, don’t be afraid to show your creativity. It will lead you to so many great opportunities that you would have never even guessed. Just be unique, patient, and fun ...everything will eventually fall into place. Do not copy or try to be something you are not!


On School

Baby girl, without papers, your life is messed out here. Don't go to school just because your parents said, do it for you and your future. Hauta-regret!


On Friends

Listen, pick your friends wisely. Some fake friends are gonna try to get you to do stuff that will hurt you down the line. Usiogope kukataa. Real friends hawatakusengenya or push you in the wrong direction. It’s OK to have a few good people as friends.


On Fashion

You love fashion. Don’t be ashamed of it. How you dress can show people what you are about so ji-express. Make fashion your BFF. You’ll end up pursuing it as a career and it will make you so happy!


On Failure

Failing is normal: the only problem arises if you chose to put yourself down because you failed. Utaishi apo! But if you shake it off and learn from that, and work extra hard next time, you will eventually be better at whatever it is you do. 


On Boys

Sis, interact with them with caution. They are also figuring themselves out. Don’t take them too seriously right now, focus on yourself.


On the Future

Your future is everything, you are gonna do big things! Before you do anything, keep asking yourself:

  1. Will it impact my future positively or negatively?
  2. Will I be proud of my future, ama nitasemanga, I wish I did this or that?

You are wise. You’ve got this!