Welcome to S.I.S.T.A, Kenya’s first ever weekly YouTube show for girls by girls!
S.I.S.T.A stands for Sky Is Staying True Always. It is a magical space powered by the SKY sistahood, where we talk about all things SKY like fashion, music, friendship and showing the world who we are!! Every week, we explore great hacks, celeb interviews, fun challenges, beauty tips and so much more!
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She is fun, expressive and a risk taker –talk about a powerhouse in the making!
Joan will be the face you see chatting up our celeb faves at the S.I.S.T.A. Celebrity Corner.

Her thing:

Not her thing:
Judgement ✖✖


A lover of life and a self-proclaimed foodie!
We stan a SKY sis who has good “taste” if you know what we mean.

Her thing:
Cooking (duuh) and being happy!

Not her thing:
Doing things to please other people ✖✖


We like to call her Vee!
She is lively, fun to be around, and a fashion & music enthusiast. Our kind of girl!

Her thing:
Spreading good vibes✨✨

Not her thing:
Letting her friends down. ✖✖