Niaje SKY Sis! You’ve been asking for it and it’s back. 

SISTA Show Season 3, your favourite YouTube show by girls for girls is back on your screens Every Saturday & Sunday at 6:30 pm only on CITIZEN TV and our youtube channel @SKYGIRLSKE

Catch your favourite hosts as they discuss all things celebrities, pressure ya kusmoke na relationships on the all-new Pink Couch segment.

meet the hosts

Mary Owendi - Main Host

We love to call her Owendi.
She is lively, fun to be around and such a sweetheart!

Her thing: Dancing & making TikTok videos

Not her thing: Smoking & negative vibes

Stephany Rebecca - Main Host

Ambitious, contagious energy and dope vibes, this what describes Stephany

Her thing: Positive vibes

Not her thing: Back biting

Lydia Ligula - Pink Couch Host

Our multilingual host with the most!
Let not her cute face fool you, she can get in-depth with honest conversations

Her thing: Acting & Content Creation

Not her thing: Smoking

Wangari Kimani - Celebrity Corner Host

The ever-smiling, short and loveable Wangari.

A social media enthusiast at heart with a great personality!

Her thing: Creating content & good vibes

Not her thing: Bad vibes