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GET FIT WITH FRIENDS - How to keep a healthy routine with your squad.

12th February 2021
Get into a routine with your girls

First, it is quite important to exercise regularly. You could either try to get moving daily or choose a few days in the week to get moving. Try and make a resolution to get serious about fitness with your ka-squad and work out together. You could even have a dedicated day, like a #FitnessFridays or a #WorkoutWednesday, where you get together and try different exercises to see what works best for you. Which brings us to the next tip...

Work out your way

Maybe your thing is body weight squats and push-ups and your SKY sister’s thing is yoga and running. Figure out exercises that work best for everyone and incorporate them so that no one is left out.

Jienjoy babe!

Make it fun! You could make-up interesting workouts to avoid getting bored, like, have everyone do star jumps in the number of their age, or push-ups the number of their shoe size...and afterwards  you can even cool down with a fun dance sesh!

Get your squad groove!

What better way to get excited than a playlist? You and your girls can create a fun squad playlist together and use it during your exercise sessions. This will most def get you going!

Food and recipe hacks

We can’t forget food! A cool thing to do as a group is swap recipes for healthy but delicious options. There are hella options online that can be shared in the squads so that everyone is loading up on yummy meals that give us energy and keep us fit!

Motivate each other

Lastly, let’s help each other stay motivated. What do we mean? It’s not always easy to stick to a health routine. But that’s why we have our squads. We can do this by celebrating each other and being each other’s #MondayMotivation by posting our  progress on IG. If you tag @SKYGirlsKE we will repost cause we are all about a squad that stays fit together!